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AESVI – Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety

Did you know that Jané is part of the AESVI?

AESVI is the Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety, an association where most of the parties involved in child road safety have joined forces with a single objective: to improve road safety for children.

AESVI includes most of the universities, paediatricians, emergency services, the National Association of Midwives, the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic), the Servei Català de Trànsit (Catalan Traffic Service), The Traffic Department of the Basque Country, consumers, the National Association of Child Safety, the CEAPA (Spanish Confederation of Students’ Parents), the State security forces, CRS manufacturers and importers of child car seats and automobile clubs.

Under the slogan “Your safety, our commitment” the whole sector has come together to seek formulas for working to reduce the risk of injury to children when travelling by car.  

The Alliance means the launch of a forum where you can find answers to the most common questions about child road safety. This forum is useful for both users and distributors, where scientific research is used to answer all the questions that may arise.

Within this union, at Jané, as a manufacturer of child restraint systems and a member of the Child Safety in Vehicles Bureau, we are truly committed to improving child safety day after day.

How do we do it?

By improving the training of the professionals in charge of selling child restraint devices.

By promoting information to those responsible for child safety through resources aimed at improving their knowledge of child protection.

By researching and promoting technical studies.

By carrying out information campaigns to raise awareness of the need for children to travel correctly protected in the car.

In order to harmonise all the messages addressed to parents, tutors and carers who are responsible for transporting children in vehicles, the following Ten Commandments have been drawn up by agreement of all the AESVI participants:

AESVI Ten Commandments

1. In a vehicle always carry your child secured in a child restraint system appropriate for the child’s size and weight, no matter how short the journey may be. And never, under any circumstances, leave the child alone or without adult supervision.

2. Always used certified safety seats, and if possible, opt for the most up-to-date standards, as the safety requirements will be greater. Check the certification label, which must indicate the size and/or weight for which the product has been approved.

3. To buy a child restraint system, go to a specialist centre where you will be advised on the child’s needs, and where the characteristics of each seat and its installation will be explained to you. Read the instructions for the safety seat carefully making sure that that it is installed correctly and keep the instructions for future reference.

4. Do not buy second-hand safety seats, and do not accept those that have been used previously for a long period of time. And after an accident, the seat must be replaced.

5. The vehicle and the child safety seat act together. Before buying a seat, check the anchorage system of your vehicle (i.Size, ISOFix and/or seat belt), and look for a suitable safety seat.

 6. Always place the child on the back seat of the vehicle. And remember to get the child in and out of the seat from the safe side of the road (from the pavement side). If you can only place the child on the front seat, disconnect the front airbag if the seat is installed in the rear facing position. 

7. It is recommended that you carry your child in the rear facing position for as long as possible, observing the limits set by the manufacturers of child restraint systems and those of the vehicle. Always adjust the harness or seat belt to fit the child’s body snugly, with no gaps.

8. For older children, it is advisable to use safety seats with a backrest until the child is at least 135 cm. tall, as this provides greater protection against side impacts and improves the effectiveness of the seat belt.

9. Never travel with loose objects, and do not put luggage or pets in the vehicle next to children. In the event of sudden braking or impact, they can get flung about and can cause serious injury to the child. 

10. In the event of an accident, and whenever possible, the child must be taken out of the car still in the safety seat, and never carry the child out in your arms (unless there is imminent risk).

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